My Recordings

My recordings highlight the variety of music that I enjoy playing. I have recorded a collection of Jazz tunes both with a band and as a soloist, as well as an original solo guitar composition mixed in Dolby Atmos.

my Most recent Recordings

Stillwater was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Tenderdyn Arts in Colorado by sound engineer Jessica Jewell. Check out the Dolby Atmos spacial audio mix on Apple Music.

Just Friends
This I Dig of You
Recorda Me
Four on Six
This I Dig of You Alternate Take

Gear List
MXL 990 and 991, Shure SM58, Samson C0-1
ProTools and Logic Pro
Video Editing:
Final Cut Pro X

Winter Weeklies
The 2020/21 Winter Weekly Guitar Showcase videos were recorded, mixed, and edited solely by myself including the video.